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Private Car

There are many categories of Private Car Insurance. The following are some of them:

  • Prestige – High value cars
  • Performance – Sports cars & modified vehicles
  • Limited mileage
  • Classic and Vintage
  • Family vehicles for Social and Pleasure use only
  • Vehicles used for business i.e. company cars

There are many factors affecting the rating of a risk, such as:

  • Age of main driver
  • Driving record
  • Claims experience
  • Where the vehicle is usually kept
  • Type of cover
  • No claims bonus entitlement (if any)

Additional discounts will normally be available for:

  • Taking a voluntary excess
  • Restricting drivers
  • Restricting mileage

Getting the cheapest quotation alone for car insurance is seldom the best solution but value for money is. The secret is making sure you are not paying for cover you do not need, but at the same time not cutting back on cover you do need. That is what we are here for……..helping you decide what policy suits your needs best at the most economical cost and with no hidden surprises.

When selecting your preferred provider you should also consider what add-ons you need such as Gap Insurance, Breakdown cover and Legal Benefits.

We currently compare motor insurance quotes from over 400 different schemes.

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Motor Cycle

Bike Insurance falls into similar categories to Motor Insurance namely:

  • Modern Bikes
  • Classic Bikes
  • Multi Bikes
  • Scooters & Mopeds
  • Trikes, Quads & modified

Discounts apply to the standard cover such as voluntary excess, no claims bonus, age of driver and driving record etc. Equally, loadings apply to high risk and young riders.

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Modified Vehicles

Many of the mainstream Insurance Companies do not really understand modified cars and as such tend to price themselves out of the market.

However, there are a number of Insurers who take the opposite view and are very accommodating when it comes to giving a competitive quotation providing they can satisfy themselves that the modifications have been carried out by an expert. Some modifications are largely cosmetic and others, of course, are performance enhancing. When considering the latter of these two we obviously have to take the risk profile of the driver(s) into consideration and usually it is best to speak to us personally to get the best quote. We may be able to point things out to you that you had not considered, to help reduce your premium.

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Young Drivers

The fact of life for young drivers is that starting car insurance for the first time never comes cheap. Statistics show that a young driver has something like a 75% more chance of having an accident in the first few years of their driving record. There are a number of things that can be done, however, to reduce the cost of Insurance for the first time and that is where we can help. Taking your Pass Plus after passing your driving test is always recommended. It not only teaches you how to be a safe driver on the road, but also can reward you with up to 30% discount from normal rates once having completed the course.

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Female Drivers

Yet again a statistical fact is that female drivers are generally safer drivers than their male colleagues (something to do with hormones and testosterone!!).

Ladies you are very popular when it comes to Car Insurance and most Insurers will provide a competitive premium for your risk…..young and old alike.

We have many schemes and delegated authorities, which enable us to ensure you get the best terms.

Let us help you choose the right policy for you at the right price.

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Commercial Vehicles

Geoffrey Simmons Insurance Consultants insure individual commercial vehicles, small fleets and multi vehicle policies (usually a fleet of commercial cars and/or small commercial vehicles up to about 15 in number). Larger fleets are catered for by our sister company GSI Commercial Services LLP.

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Company Cars

Company car insurance covers many different aspects. It could be the company itself insuring a vehicle for the use of an employee or an employee insuring the vehicle to use for his firm’s business.

Equally it could be an individual no longer having the use of a company car wishing to insure a vehicle in his/her own name for the first time and wishing to transfer no claims bonus from the company or earning an introductory discount. Whatever the enquiry we can recommend the best solution for you.

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Van Insurance is usually for a tradesman or similar. Various factors affect the rates for van insurance and include:

  • Trade or profession
  • Type of goods carried
  • Age of driver(s) and driving record
  • Area/locality of regular use
  • Garaging address (whether kept in garage, on road or on driveway)
  • Type of van and carrying capacity
  • Type of cover and bonus entitlement
  • Claims experience

We currently quote from over 50 schemes for van insurance and we are sure there is one for you. Contact us now to discuss your needs and we will show you what we can do for you.

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Taxi insurance normally comes in two forms, Public and Private Hire. Both types of taxis need to be licensed and regulated by the Local Council where they operate in and are used in different ways.

Private Hire

Must be pre-booked fares and usually provide transportation for airport runs, shopping and school runs or similar.

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Public Hire

Fares can be picked up from taxi ranks and do not have to be pre-booked.

Factors that affect rates for both include how many drivers driving, no claims bonus and area of operation.

It is imperative for a taxi driver/owner to get his vehicle back on the road as swiftly as possible following an accident and we recommend owners to take out additional legal benefits policies to ensure they are back on the road as quickly as possible.

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Motor Trade

Geoffrey Simmons Insurance Consultants LLP arranges insurance for the Motor Trade for road risks only. Motor Trade Insurance including premises can be arranged by GSI Commercial Services LLP.

Driving record, claims and trading experience all contribute to rating factors, as does the number of drivers to be covered, area of operation and type of vehicles usually dealt with. (Buying and selling Ferraris will always command a higher premium than dealing in minis and low value cars)

This type of enquiry is always dealt with better on an individual basis, as we need to understand exactly the type of operation we are trying to insure.

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Building Insurance

We love to quote for business held by the banks and building societies and in most instances we can save you substantial money. It is surprising how many people insured this way do not even know how much they are paying.

If your building society charges you for switching your cover we will pay for the switch in full.

We have schemes for medium net worth properties, high net worth and non-standard construction. Although we quote from many schemes by computerised methods we also refer risks to niche product providers that rate on an individual basis.

Discounts for;

  • No claims
  • Age of property
  • Mature policyholder
  • Combined buildings and contents
  • Neighbourhood Watch
  • Security discounts

Quality of cover is as important as price. Your house is likely to be the most important and expensive asset you will ever insure, so it does not pay to cut corners.

Always be aware of security requirements and compulsory excesses applying i.e. to subsidence and flood claims.

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There are several types of policies available such as:

  • Medium Net Worth (up to £125,000)
  • High Net Worth (over £125,000)
  • Bedroom rated (2, 3, 4, 5 bedrooms)

All these types of policies have certain conditions applying such as varying limits of indemnity and security requirements. It is important that you appreciate the differences in cover. We will be pleased to help.

Factors affecting rates include:

  • Age of policyholder
  • Age of property
  • Proximity of property (ie. in a flood plain etc)
  • Claims experience
  • Voluntary excess
  • Extensions taken i.e. all risks cover, accidental damage cover, legal expenses etc.

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Property Owners

Usually this cover is restricted to investment property and often overlaps cover provided for buy to let insurance. It can be both commercial or residential. If commercial, cover will be provided by GSI Commercial Services LLP.

Type of construction, age of property, occupied or not, proximity, claims experience, are all rating factors. Quotations will be provided upon receipt of all relevant information.

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Buy to Let Properties

We are pleased to be able to offer a range of commercial package insurance policies for buy to let & property owners.

They combine wide policy cover and competitive premiums with a class leading quotation and policy administration service. Our buy to let & property owners insurance policies offer a comprehensive range of benefits including:

  • Highly competitive premiums with discounts for 'low claims' & multiple premises;
  • Comprehensive cover with high policy limits.
  • A wide range of optional extensions including subsidence and terrorism cover
  • A rapid quote service.

On top of the standard insurance features, you can choose from a range of optional extras to create the right level of insurance cover to suit your needs.

Buy to Let & Property Owners Insurance policies provide comprehensive policy cover at competitive prices. It can accommodate multiple locations and both residential and commercial properties on a single policy and is specifically designed for landlords or buy to let owners who:

  • Own or manage residential or commercial properties;
  • Are responsible for insuring the building or freehold;
  • Let properties with tenancy agreements of six months or more;
  • Let properties to residential tenants who are not DSS beneficiaries or Asylum Seekers;
  • Let property for commercial use; or

Have a mixed portfolio of commercial and residential properties.

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Holiday Homes

As one would expect our policies offer excellent cover. A brief summary of a typical policy cover for holiday homes in the UK is given below:

  • fire, smoke damage, lightning, explosion or earthquake
  • aircraft or items dropped from them
  • storm, flood or weight of snow
  • escape of water from and frost damage to fixed water tanks, apparatus or pipes
  • escape of oil from a fixed domestic oil-fired heating installation
  • theft or attempted theft
  • collision by any vehicle or animal
  • riot, violent disorder, strike, labour disturbance, civil commotion and malicious damage
  • subsidence, heave or landslip
  • breakage or collapse of fixed radio and television aerials and fixed satellite dishes
  • falling trees, branches, telegraph poles or lamp-posts
  • accidental damage to fixed glass, solar panels, sanitary ware and ceramic hobs
  • accidental damage to underground services for which you are legally responsible
  • cost of alternative accommodation
  • loss of rent
  • loss of metered water
  • emergency call out expenses
  • legal liability to the public
  • generous unoccupancy period before restrictions apply of 60 days
  • any other accidental damage to the buildings

Extensions in cover available:

  • accidental damage to contents
  • theft of contents by tenants
  • loss of rent through denial of access to the property

A full specimen policy wording will be made available from the chosen product provider

The following Insurance products have been pre selected from one particular provider using evaluating criteria.

  • Travel Insurance
  • Private Medical Insurance
  • Breakdown cover
  • Gap Insurance
  • Legal Benefits cover

Such criteria will vary from product to product but will usually include:

  • Financial security offered by the Insurer
  • Quality of cover
  • Efficient service
  • Competitive premium(s)

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Travel Insurance

We have pre-selected Fortis as our preferred product provider for travel insurance.

Fortis Insurance is one of the UK's most experienced travel insurers, covering more than 50 million travellers over a period of 35 years.

Their insurance offers value for money with high levels of cover for holiday makers and business travellers, with a choice of single trip, multi-trip and long stay cover, plus additional options to include winter sports, business equipment, European vehicle breakdown and excess waiver.

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